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Папа Франциск объявил о необходимости отмены традиционной Библии и замены ее новой книгой - "Библия 2000".

Говорит, что невозможно обращаться к публике в совершенно новом мире посредством книги, которой уже тысячи лет. Поэтому церковь нужно модернизировать, а "слово Божие" переписать.
Иезуиты взялись за дело.


Pope Francis cancels The Bible and proposes to create a new book
abril 2, 2018 Sr. Lobo bible, pope Francis

Pope Francis has surprised the world today by announcing that The Bible is totally outdated and needs a radical change, so The Bible is officially canceled and it’s announced a meeting between the highest personalities of the church where it will be decided the book that will replace it, its name and its content. Some names are already being considered and the one that has more strength is “Biblia 2000”.
“We can not keep trying to talk our public in a totally new world with a book that has thousands years. We are losing followers and we have to go a step further in the search for the modernization of the church. to rewrite the word of God, even if it is only the Old Testament, in which there are certain passages that it is better not to repeat. ”
The news has fallen like a bomb among the most conservative, who consider this idea the definitive clue of madness of Pope Francis.